We are moving!

We are moving!

Hello friends and fiber fans!

I thought I would take time to explain about our move. It is sudden. It is fast. It is slightly scary. But with great change comes great reward!

Our shop is really just the basement of the historic Palace Theatre.  The Palace had been for sale for some time prior to our signing a lease in 2015.  We managed to have 6 plus happy years there without a change of ownership.

At long last, someone has come along to make it their own and it has been sold. The folks that have bought the Palace have a vision for the entire space and that vision doesn't include Hook & Needle.

I can only believe it was divine intervention but during the midst of all this uncertainty and chaos, a spot opened us for us! Now, it's not going to be ready March 1st but maybe April 1st and we will be flooding you with emails and social media posts about the progress of painting, flooring and other fun stuff!

Our new location is 819 Foothills Mall Drive! The parking is GREAT! I mean really GREAT! No Blount Memorial cops hounding you in the parking lot, No crossing very busy streets, NO dodging work trucks and most importantly NO DUMPSTERS!

Our last day for in shop retail at our current location is Friday, February 25th. We have lots of great yarn available until then and our online shop will remain open throughout the change.

Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, and offers of help to move!! Without you, I would have chucked it all in. It's rising waters that helps all our little boats float and without community, we (ME) would be lost.

Much LOVE,


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