About Us

The Hook & Needle Story
Cristi opened Hook & Needle in 2015 as a place for yarn lovers in and around the Maryville area to shop, craft together, and build our community. At Hook & Needle, we are committed to finding ways to provide supplies for crafting; engaging people in community gatherings; and providing a wide range of learning opportunities.
All are welcome to stop by and say Hello and craft with us!
It takes a village to keep this circus happily cruising down the road. 
Meet the Team
CRISTI~  Ring Leader/Gardening Extraordinaire/Knitter/Crocheter/Event Planning Visionary/Heart & Soul of the Shop
Dawn-Shop Gal/Social Media Wizard/Knitter/Crocheter/PomPom Enthusiast
Ann - Retailer Yoda/ Cristi's Bouncing Board/ Kit Stuffer/ Knitter
Wendy - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Paper Pusher/ Gauge Queen/ Knitter
Edna - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Crocheter/ Tunisian Crocheter/ Knitter/ Task-Master
Randi-Brynn - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Crocheter/ Earth Momma
Amy - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Knitter/ Crocheter/ Penmanship Queen with Signage
Melissa ~ Shop Gal/Goat Mama/Master Floor Merchandiser/Knitter/Heavy Lifter
Raeus Cannon- Confidence Builder/Yarn Whisperer/Master Weaver/Knit Tutor
Lexi - Social Media Reel Maker