About Us

The Hook & Needle Story
Cristi opened Hook & Needle in 2015 as a place for yarn lovers in and around Maryville to shop, craft together, and build our community. We're committed to finding ways to provide supplies, community gatherings, and learning opportunities. Come craft with us!
Meet the Team
Cristi- Ring Leader 
Dawn-Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Social Media Wizard/ Knitter / Crocheter
Ann - Retailer Yoda/ Cristi's Bouncing Board/ Kit Stuffer/ Knitter
Wendy - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Paper Pusher/ Gauge Queen/ Knitter
Edna - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Crocheter/ Tunisian Crocheter/ Knitter/ Task-Master
Randi-Brynn - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Crocheter/ Earth Momma
Amy - Shop Gal/ Teacher/ Knitter/ Crocheter/ Penmanship Queen with Signage
Lexi - Social Media Reel Maker
Raeus Cannon- Confidence Builder/Yarn Whisperer/Master Weaver/Knit Tutor
It takes a village to keep this circus happily cruising down the road. I am blessed to have all these beautiful faces in my crew.
Come by and say Hello!!!