About Us

The Hook & Needle Story

Cristi opened Hook & Needle in 2015 as a place for yarn lovers in and around Maryville to shop, craft together, and build our community. We're committed to finding ways to provide supplies, community gatherings, and learning opportunities. Come craft with us!

Meet the Team


"I didn't really read the directions."

Cristi was taught to knit by Mr. Miyagi (her grandmother) when she was 8. She learned to crochet when she was 20. Cristi has a degree in Horticulture and when she's not knitting she can be found in her garden growing unusual vegetables.



"Life's too short to drink cheap coffee."

Dawn's aunt taught her to crochet when she was 10. She started knitting at the age of 33 when she took a class on continental knitting with friends from work. Dawn has a degree in Sociology and Psychology, and when she's not knitting she's doing laundry and baking chicken fries for them kids.