Sweater Camp with Cristi

I having been thinking for ages about doing an in-shop sweater retreat and I finally managed to get organized and put something together for you!

So, here goes!
Sweater Camp with Cristi
Friday and Saturday ALL DAY 10-5!
September 8th and 9th 

For two ENTIRE days, we will spend time together discussing all things colorwork while making the 'Jupiter Crop' by Caitlin Hunter. If you just audibly GASPED at the idea of a crop top, relax. I ain't croppin' anything, those days are long gone. The 'Jupiter Crop' is a colorwork sweater from top to bottom except for the ribbing.  Colorwork is addictive and I find that I start and finish these projects with consistency

What's included in these two fun-filled days you ask? Here's just a small list.

1. Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack & HAPPY HOUR! One must be nourished for extreme knitting. 

2. Swag Bag filled with LOADS of curated goodies just for you including a bound copy of the Jupiter pattern.

3.Fourteen HOURS of dedicated knitting time without the hassle of errands, chores, or other distractions.  If fact, I'm gonna ask you to put your phones on Do Not Disturb (unless you are a Mom to young children OR you are sneaking away from work or other commitments...no judgement.)

4. Learning all things colorwork, including but not limited to catching floats, knitting with BOTH hands, chart reading, swatching in the round and more!

5. Complimentary BLOCKING of your finished piece. 

The goal for the two days is to get to separating for sleeves so that the majority of the yoke is complete.

Interested? If so, here's some things I need you to do before the Camp....please.

1.Choose your yarn and have it wound and ready to go and also let us put a copy of pattern in your Ravelry library.  ***I'm using Quince & Co. Chickadee and I highly recommend it.  It's been a blast choosing colors!****

2.Do a preliminary swatch so you have a decent idea of what size needles you will need. 

3. Bring the size needles you need if you have them.

4. Bring your best SMILE!

 Materials: Sport weight yarn in 5 colors. I'm using Chickadee from Quince & Co! Size needles to match your gauge.

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