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Stitch Together

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Protect your handmades with these woven labels. It took forever so make sure it's hand washed dammit! Sew onto the neck of sweaters, the brim of a hat or anywhere your pretty little heart desires to send a not so subtle reminder.

Each side of the woven label has a quarter of an inch fold over for sewing.

Sold in packs of three. 2.4in x .8in

Made in United States of America

About The Company

Artist, educator and entrepreneur. I surround myself with color and texture everyday working as an illustrator, yarn dyer and ceramicist in my home studio. I live in Iowa with my husband, three children, two dogs and a hairless cat. I love reading paperback romances and fantasy novels. I'm a home-body, like thrifting weird things, re-arranging furniture and watching period dramas. Stitch Together was born from my love of wool and hand crafts. Witchy, punky, funky and sometimes irreverent I create products that I would love to purchase.


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