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Hook & Needle, Inc.

Sock Basics - Top Down

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Have always wanted to make socks?? Now is the time!

This class will be in two sessions-

The first session will show you how to do the heel flap, heel turn, and gusset.

The second session will show how to work the toe and do a Kitchner Stitch closing.

 BEFORE the first class, you need to do the following HOMEWORK:

With Deluxe Stripes and size 5 needles using your preferred method of working in the small circumference (Magic Loop 32'inch cord, 9' needles, or Double Pointed Needles),  CAST ON 44 stitches and join in the round. I suggest you cast on over two needles to make
sure they are loose enough at the top.

Work 8 rounds of K1,P1 rib.
Next work at least 2 inches in Stockinette Stitch. 

We will be doing the Heel Flap and Heel Turn in the 1st Session. Homework is necessary.

Welcome to your newest obsession! The magic of Socks!

Session 1 = Thursday, April 6th @ 1:00-3:00

Session 2 = Thursday, April 13th @ 1:00 - 3:00