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Hook & Needle, Inc.

Knitting 102 - The Purl Edition

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Alright!!! Good for you!  You took Knitting 101 and now you are "hooked'...pun totally intended. In this class, you will add the purl stitch to your toolbox and learn how to switch between the knit and purl stitch seamlessly! Purling is just as important as the knit stitch because, in essence, they are the main two stitches in knitting.  I know, hard to believe, huh?

Know how to do the knit stitch but not the purl? Sign up today!

Materials: One skein worsted weight cotton yarn, Us size 8 knitting needles

Enjoy 10% off any supplies needed for this class.  In addition, receive 10% off of any other purchases on the day of your class.