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Splash Fabric

Roll-Up Project Bag

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Are you the type of crafter that likes to work on a project at the pool or the beach?  If you are, then this bag is perfect for you. This is the perfect wet/dry bag for all of your adventures.

Take a pack onto the lake, bring lunch to work, or stash your snacks for your next road trip.  Inspired by wet/dry bags for outdoorsy sports, these are great for camping, lunches, golf, juggling babies, cosmetics or knitting. You can hook it onto your bike, stroller, walker, wheelchair, car seat, bathroom hook, or your arm.

Keep your keys, phone, and sunscreen handy (and dry!) on the water or at the beach. Don't worry about an accidental drop in the water, your stuff will stay dry. But try not to keep it submerged for a long time, it's not meant to replace your scuba gear!